In-Line (Bosch) Fuel Injection Pumps

Our offer includes a wide range of in-line fuel injection pumps, sizes A, B, P, ZW and Monocylinder fuel injection pumps, sizes Q, K, A, B, Z, X, CQ;

The in-line pumps follow the same basic operating principle and configuration, a pumping element and delivery valve for each engine cylinder, arranged in a straight line up to 12 cylinders. The pump's plunger lift is constant and delivery per stroke is controlled by the timing of a metering helix on the plunger. Fuel metering is adjusted to the engine speed by a mechanical governor. Each size and individual pump within the size range is conceived, engineered and calibrated to meet the requirements of the specific engine for which it is intended.

In-Line Injection Pump A Size
In-Line Injection Pump P Size
In-Line Injection Pump ZW Size
Fuel Feed Transfer Pump